Ceiling Pro Provides a Solution
For a Tough Ceiling Cleaning and Painting Project

metal plating company ceiling cleaning Wait! Are you telling me you can safely clean vinyl ceiling tiles? What about acoustical ceiling tiles? What about stucco ceilings? The answer is yes to all of them.

The answer is yes to all of them. Ceiling Pro International has been cleaning ceilings for 32 years and counting. We can do everything from restaurant ceilings to hospital ceilings to office ceilings; basically we can clean virtually any ceiling.

We have cleaned high industrial ceilings, warehouse ceilings, and even machine shop ceilings. For example, we were recently approached by a local metal plating company to not only clean their ceilings, but to also paint them with a special paint to help protect them.

metal plating company ceiling and painting The main challenge was the business operated 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Another challenge was that, with all the equipment in the way, there was no way we could bring in a boom lift. Most companies would have passed on this type of cleaning, but not Ceiling Pro™ With our 32 years of experience, and the expertise of some of our partners we were able to develop a plan.

We worked with one partner to design a scaffolding system that could get our crews safely up to the ceiling, while not impeding the production. We started the job as soon as they shut down on a Friday and worked until opening time on Monday. With our proprietary solutions, we were able to get results that no other cleaning company could provide.

industrial ceiling cleaning and painting Having a clean ceiling was only one part of the process. The next step was to paint the high ceiling, trusses, overhead pipes, grid work, piping and conduits to protect it from the harsh production environment. However, this did not mean going to your local paint store and getting a bunch of latex paint. We obtained a specialized paint that, once dry, provided a thick, protective, scratch-resistant coating. The whole process took about 4 months to complete but the client was more than happy with the results.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need cleaning and painting services and don’t know where to start, please give us a call. Chances are we have already encountered a situation like yours in our 32 year history.

We are experts in industrial ceiling cleaning and painting.


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